We would love to have you at Pilates South! Our goal is to give you a great workout, but also to teach and empower you to use Pilates principles in your everyday life and activities.


There are two ways to get started with us, please do not hesitate to reach out if you're unsure which path is for you.

Private Session(s)

Email to request an appointment.

A private session or series of private sessions will prepare you to enter classes by familiarizing you with the equipment, terminology, form, and foundational exercises. Learning the Pilates principles in a one-on-one setting will enable you to get the most out of your group sessions! 

We do require starting with private sessions if you have previous injuries or conditions you need to discuss and/or modify for.


First Reformer Pilates Class - $15

Participants must be familiar with Reformer Pilates and have no major limitations or injuries. 

Familiar with the Reformer and would rather jump straight into classes? Great! We'd love to have you. We have a kind, non-intimidating community and offer level 1 classes twice a week. 

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