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Welcome to Pilates South

A boutique Reformer Pilates studio in Southeast Huntsville.

We strive to accommodate and safely challenge all levels through private sessions and small group classes (limited to 7). 


Our Reformer Pilates program is appropriate for persons released from Physical Therapy, elite athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between.

Pilates South is equipped with 6 Balanced Body Allegro2 Reformers, Towers, TRX, BOSU trainers, and free weights. The Combo Chair, Pilates Arc, and Orbit are available for use in private sessions.

Balanced programming for every body.


Our particular brand of Pilates focuses first and foremost on core control. From there we work to balance muscle groups and stabilize the joints by creating equality between strength and flexibility, and fostering mindful movement. This approach inherently improves posture, balance, alignment, proper muscle recruitment, and creates overall efficient movement patterns. The Reformer allows us to accommodate individual bodies, while adding variety, nuance, and challenge. Universal Pilates principles include: breath, control, precision, center, flow, and concentration.


We carry the above method and principles into every format: cardio, strength, and flexibility classes. With practice and time, these principles develop functional strength and patterns which empower us in daily living and in the activities we love, for example: walking, running, playing golf, or gardening.


Our small group Reformer classes can accommodate a variety of levels, goals, and life stages, but we also offer private sessions for those needing a more specialized approach.

All group Pilates classes are limited to 7 participants. Please sign up in advance via Mindbody.


Private, duo, and trio appointments are available by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule.



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8408 Whitesburg Drive SW, Suite C

Huntsville Alabama 35802

ph: 256.813.9858


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DUO: $40 - $50/person

TRIO: $35 - $45/person

(55 min sessions)



Limited to 7 participants

Reformer Pilates Packages:

1 class - $25

10 classes - $195 (valid 3 mo)

20 classes - $365 (valid 6 mo)

30 classes - $495 (valid 9 mo)

10 classes in 30 days - $165 (valid 30 days, no contract)

8 classes in 30 days - $140 (valid 30 days, no contract)

NEW CLIENT 10 Reformer Classes - $175 (limit 1 per client, valid 3 mo)

NEW CLIENT First Class - $15

Reformer Pilates Memberships/Auto Draft:

12mo AutoDraft 8 Reformer Classes/mo - $130/mo

*classes do not roll over

Pricing is subject to change. Please check Mindbody for the most current pricing and schedule