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Small Group Classes & Personal Training


Small Group Classes

Our group classes are limited to 8 participants and defined by the below levels:

LEVEL 1: Taught at a beginner/intermediate level with deliberate pacing. Full body. Focused on Pilates Reformer foundational exercises, however, the tower and/or other props are often incorporated.

LEVEL 2: Taught at an intermediate level with moderate pacing. Full body. Focused on progressing and expanding upon Pilates Reformer foundational exercises, however, the tower and/or props are often incorporated.

LEVEL 3: Taught at an intermediate/advanced level with accelerated pacing. Requires extensive experience with Pilates and the Reformer, the ability to self-modify/self-regulate, and the ability to flow and transition between exercises quickly. While this class does provide balance, stability, strength and endurance challenges - it is not "fancy" and is intended to be accessible to those with an established Pilates Reformer practice. 

JUMPBOARD: A challenging and athletic cardio class centered around the Reformer Jumpboard. Full body strength work is incorporated in-between jumpboard intervals. Tower, box, BOSU, TRX, and other equipment is often incorporated. 

Please find our schedule and sign-up for class on Mindbody. 


Personal Training

A specialized approach to training on the Pilates Reformer and other apparatus. We work with men and women of all ages and life stages, addressing specific needs and goals. Some examples include:

  • Low-back, neck, shoulder, knee, etc. issues and generalized pain

  • Neuro conditions (stroke recovery, foot drop, etc.)

  • Post-rehab (After or in coordination with your PT)

  • Pre-surgery strengthening

  • Active Aging

  • Athletes recovering from injury OR looking to improve their game

  • Cross-training for Dancers

  • Bone Density/Osteoporosis

  • Cardiovascular Endurance

  • Mobility (increasing the amount of stable movement a joint has)

  • Hypermobility


We truly believe Pilates can benefit anyone. With on-going evaluation, careful programming, and practice, muscle groups become more balanced, improving posture and the quality of functional movement. One-on-one, or with a friend/spouse/daughter/son, we tailor the session to you and do our best to accommodate your schedule.




Drop-in: $32 (use within 1 mo.)

10 Class Pass: $220 (valid 3 mo.)

20 Class Pass: $405 (valid 5 mo.)

30 Class Pass: $550 (valid 7 mo.)

NEW CLIENT First Class: $15 (valid 1 mo.)

NEW CLIENT 10 Class Pass: $175 (valid 3 mo.)

10 Classes in 1 Month: $185*

8 Classes in 1 Month: $160*

Membership: 8 Classes in 1 Month Auto-Draft**: $145*

Membership: 12 Classes in 1 Month Auto-Draft**: $200*

*Unused classes do not carry over to the next month. Pricing for auto-draft is valid through Jan 2024.

**Please email us to set up contracts.


Private Session: $75 - $100

Duo Session: $47.50/ea - $65/ea

Trio Session: $35/ea - $50/ea 

Please familiarize yourself with our class and appointment cancelation policies.

Prices as of February '23. Subject to change. Please refer to our Mindbody store for the most up-to-date prices. 

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